Junxion is a free desktop application that makes managing
all of your blockchain & cryptocurrency assets a breeze.

Latest Version: 0.8.1

Multiple accounts

Add a separate account for your spouse, your kids or even your dog.

Crypto wallet

We're building in a full featured wallet with swapping between exchanges and local addresses. Coming soon!

Market research

Research new cryptocurrencies and be sure to favorite the ones you want to keep a close eye on.

Connect your accounts from all the big exchanges including ERC20 Tokens.

Coming soon

Spend less time surfing and more time planning

Your portfolio management should be a simple task. View the progress of all of your assets, analyze current market conditions, swap when you see an opportunity. Repeat!


Portfolio & Connections


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“This is how we become mainstream. I can't wait until all of the features are built out.
Mind blown!”
- Luke Knowles: Coupon Sherpa Founder, Bitcoin HODLer
“This thing does everything. I now don't have to login to a million exchanges and I can see my combined assets, and I can research new coins, super easy. Love it!”
- Ian McFadyen: Chef/Designer/Crypto Enthusiast

Our roadmap

Big results require big ambitions. - Heraclitus

  • Genesis Sept - Dec 2017
    • Concepting, brainstorming & planning.
    • Initial wireframing & design direction.
    • Technology research & decision making.
  • Interface design/dev framework Jan 2018
    • Branding design and interface design.
    • Setup of initial framework and application configuration.
  • Navigation & Accounts Feb 2018
    • Build out base interactivity and navigation.
    • Accounts and state management.
    • Portfolio and charting development.
    • Integrate market data.
  • Website & Exchanges Mar 2018
    • Domain name aquisition.
    • Market data entry.
    • Build exchange connections.
    • Server/CMS setup and config.
    • Website design & development.
  • ERC20 & more exchanges Apr 2018
    • Integrate ERC20 tokens.
    • Add more exchange API connections.
    • Complete market data entry.
    • Add portfolio historical tracking.
  • Backup & local wallets May 2018
    • Customizable config settings.
    • Select local FIAT type.
    • Design wallet section.
    • Add ability to backup wallets.
  • Wallet & Currency swapping Jun 2018
    • Currency swapping between exchanges.
    • Integrate local currencies for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH.
    • Add ability to generate new local addresses when needed.
    • Swapping from local addresses.
    • Add auto-update feature.
    • Complete wallet section.
  • More exchanges & improvements Q3 2018
    • Various design improvements.
    • Add more exchange connections.
    • Add more local currencies.
    • Improve backup system & security improvements.
    • Technical debt & refine unit testing.
  • Add FIAT purchases Q4 2018
    • Add ability to buy cryptocurrencies with FIAT.
    • Enhance decentralization safeguards.
  • Further refinement 2019
    • Build pairable mobile application.
    • Automated portfolio rebalancing.
    • Reporting for taxes.
    • So much more...

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